The Importance of Graphic Design

Graphic design is my new passion.  I was never overly interested in art when I was younger.  I enjoyed art class but didn’t think I was as talented as others in that subject.  When I got into high school I started to draw more and found that I did have a natural talent.  The reason I think I’ve gotten so good at it is that I am a perfectionist.  I keep tweaking drawings until I think they’re the best that I could possibly do.

So even though I had begun to appreciate art more once I got to college, it still wasn’t high on my list of interests.  I became a communications major and in my junior year I decided I wanted to have a minor (partly because I knew it would help me in my future career, and partly because most of my friends had one).  I wanted to choose a minor that could be used in conjunction with my major so looking down the list of minors, graphic design caught my eye.  I didn’t know if it was the best option seeing as I didn’t have much experience with art classes.  But I thought I’d see how hard it was anyway.  And turns out, I love it!

Graphic design is an important and underrated part of today’s professional world.  Every company logo, every movie poster, every book cover, every ad you’ve ever seen was the work of a graphic designer.  It’s amazing just how much graphic designers are responsible for.  Without graphic designers, the world would look a lot less interesting and colorful.  To learn more about graphic design and to get inspired, check out the Graphic Design USA website.


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